"Asana practice has one meaning: to learn to sit in your own beautiful true nature" Maty Erzatsky

4 class pass R200-00 (valid for 3 months)
Drop in R100-00 per class
Private and therapy yoga classes by appointment.

Yoga Diary 25 June - 29 June

Monday 25 June

This nerve purification sequence will cleanse the energetic pathways as we practice a series of backbends, inversions and folding poses. It is a dynamic class that helps to focus and prepare for the week ahead.
BASICS: 15/15

You will feel grounded and balanced practicing this series of 15 poses consisting of hip and shoulder openers, standing poses, twists, backbends and inversions.

Tuesday  26 JUNE
8h00-9h30 and 17h30 - 19h00
108 ASANA Week 16

Tuesdays will be dedicated to understand, explore and practice 108 yoga poses, some well-known, some hybrids, some modern and some advanced. You will gain understanding of how your body works to practice these poses in a safe and sustainable way. The focus this week will be on pose 61-64: tSarpasana , shalabasana A and B and Dhanurasana.

Wednesday 27 June

Home practice gives self-insight into how you react to effort as well as ease, improves  self-awareness of the body and establishes the importance of self- care. It can be difficult to set up your home practice so this class will equip you with knowledge and a 30 posture sequence to practice at home.

Thursday  28 June
8h00-9h30 and 17h30 - 19h00

Get your inner glow with this flowing moon salutation class. The moon salute is a way of cooling the body and replenishing vital energy.

Friday 29 JUNE
7h00-8h15 and 8h30-10h00

This therapy sequence is a slow healing practice that will help you to bring complete balance to your body, it will give you an understanding of your body and will empower you to practice yoga independently. It is suitable for people with injuries or chronic diseases, older people, pregnant ladies and it is an excellent way to support your more dynamic yoga classes.

4 class pass R200-00 (valid for 3 months)
Drop in R100-00 per class
Private and therapy yoga classes by appointment.
Please confirm your attendance via email or sms to or mobile 0823931120.