“To understand is to perceive patterns” Isaiah Berlin

Our very first 100 days of Yoga and creativity project will be starting on 1 May-8 August.
The purpose of this 100 day project is to ignite our creative abilities and spark new ideas by daily yoga practice and creative prompts.
Participating in this project for 100 days will give us time to develop the way we express ourselves, we will connect with your intuition and explore ideas and thoughts.
By moving on a regular basis your will become more creative and by creating more, your body will be opening up as your are letting go of outdated ideas.
Let's start with the yoga. Every class in May will be dedicated to a specific sequence developed to spark your creativity. This sequence can be downloaded. The first class will be introduced on 1 May at 8h00.
You will need a habit tracker to record your yoga and creativity practice. Every person prefers another format but there will be one available to download. The ideal is that you track both the practices, yoga as well as creativity.
You will also receive a 100 day creative prompt sheet (one for May, one for June and the last one for July and August). These questions, statements or words serve as a reminder to yoga and create every day. 
There is no right or wrong and you can interpret this prompt in any way. You can journal, write, build, photograph, draw, paint, embroider or stitch anything that adds meaning to this prompt.
Don't worry if you miss a day. Just join when you can. It is all about the process and play.
My dream is that this 100 day project of daily yoga and creativity will help to establish a sustainable practice to improve wellness. 
All ages and skills are welcome to participate.
How to participate:
1. Follow @spiralsyoga on Instagram.
2. Reply "yes" in the comments if you are going to join.
3. Share the prompt sheet on your feed.
4. Invite your friends to join 
5. Tag @spiralsyoga so I can reshare your posts in my stories
6. Upload a photo of  your yoga practice or creative insight using the hashtag #100daysofyogaandcreativity.
7. Search the above hashtag and engage by liking, commenting and asking questions.
8. Enjoy!
If you do not want to publish your work/ photos you can also keep a private record of your work that can be shared/ not on the private whatsapp group.

4 class pass R200-00 (valid for 3 months)
Drop in R100-00 per class
Private and therapy yoga classes by appointment.

4 class pass R200-00 (valid for 3 months)
Drop in R100-00 per class
Private and therapy yoga classes by appointment.
Please confirm your attendance via email or sms to or mobile 0823931120.